Mimi's children's page 

Hello! I am the cat Mimi and I am happy that you are visiting me. Do you like coloring in? Yes? Fine! Then mom or dad can download a template for you here. Have fun!

Your Mimi

Learn German with Mimi

Mimi's new friends in New York

Cat - Katze

Dog - Hund 

Poodle - Pudel 

Bird - Vogel

Giraffe - Giraffe

Squirrel - Eichhörnchen 

Fox - Fuchs

Mimi's new friends in Canada

Owl - Eule

Rabbit - Hase 

Moose - Elch 

Turtle - Schildkröte 

Bear - Bär

Racoon - Waschbär

Coyote - Kojote