Mimis Freunde in New York (German Edition)

Mimi on the way to the airport. She passed through the Brandenburger Gate and saw the TV tower.

Mimi, a kitty cat from Germany, goes onto an adventurous trip to the big city of New York and makes a lot of new friends.

A story about true friendship where it does not matter where you are from or what language you speak.
A book to read aloud, beautifully illustrated by Rolo from New York City and coloured by Edwin from the Philippines. Suitable for first-time readers.

Mimi's Friends in New York

At Time Square. Photo shoot with Mimi and Comic Cat plush toy.

Our favorite pizzeria in Queens with Pizza Fox.

Mimis Freunde in Kanada (German Edition)

An old mailbox in a forest in Muskoka Canada inspired us for the chapter "Post for Grandpa Moose".

Mimi and Comic Cat with Grandpa Moose.

Mimi's Friends in Canada

Mimi: "Look, it's raining without a rain cloud."

Comic Cat: "Oh yes, let's take that one, it's so shiny and yellow."